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Making clinical trials easy for patients

ProCTH is the best application to support virtual, hybrid, and decentralized clinical trials, bringing flexibility in remote clinical data collection ensuring patient’s comfort in clinical trial completion.

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Bring convenience to your global or local clinical study



Established tools to save money and project timeline



Provide patients access to clinical research from their home

Benefits of ProCTH

This will allow your virtual, decentralized, hybrid, and siteless clinical trial access the string of advantages, bringing patient’s clinical trial journey easier and from home surroundings.

Recruit Any Subject Anywhere


Flexible Across Therapeutic Areas


Increase Retention And Compliance

Remotely Visits

Remote Patient Site Visits

data safety

Complete Regulatory Compliance

real-time activity

Real-Time Data

Any mobile phone device

Any mobile phone device

Tracking Via Patient Reports

Tracking Via Reports

Patient centric clinical trials

Patient Centricity

Our “Patient-First” model ensures the study captures all the patient-reported outcomes by streamlining the patient connectivity to mobile technology involving all key stakeholders.

Future of Clinical Trials

Experience the Evolution of Clinical Trials with ProCTH – The Hybrid Clinical Trial Solution. Join us as we reshape the future of medical research, combining the best of traditional and virtual trials for faster, more efficient healthcare innovations. Welcome to the next generation of clinical trials!

Showcasing ProCTH Mobile Application for Decentralized Clinical Trials

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Let's revolutionize the healthcare industry together by stepping into the new era of clinical research.

Data Flow

Clinical Study Data Flow

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