ePRO & Real-time Monitoring

ProCTH enables clinical trial patients to provide information about their study progress, symptoms, side effects, drug timing and other study specific questions using mobile phone device.

Real-time Monitoring

ePRO has the ability to save money by reducing the amount of time it takes to reconcile paper data.

ProCTH allows clinical trial patients to use their mobile phone to contribute information about their study progress, symptoms, side effects, drug timing, and other study-specific concerns. It’s useful for capturing quality of life outcomes in a clinical research that other methods could miss, such as pain symptoms.

ProCTH’s main purpose is to give technological capabilities for reporting responses to clinical trial questions, including images when necessary, via the application’s feature.

Patient Diary
ProCTH uses study drug schedule follow-ups as a patient diary to aid and enhance patient compliance, including reminder alerts.

Real Time Data Monitoring
The study team can track all of the patients’ reported outcomes in real time. Clinicians can add comments or suggestions to patients’ documented outcomes using ProCTH.

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