e-ICF (Electronic Informed Consent Form)

ProCTH eICF provides Sponsors/ Sites/ CROs digital channel to ensure patient or clinical trial subject understands the study in a simplified manner to sign ICF electronically and participate in the clinical trial.

Electronic Informed Consent Form

Patients must travel to the study site and comprehend the study via the usual paper form-based informed consent method. This may leave patients with less time to thoroughly comprehend the clinical experiment. Many patients are left more perplexed than educated. This can lead to a high rate of dropout.

ProCTH eICF gives sponsors, sites, and contract research organisations (CROs) an electronic way to ensure that patients and clinical trial subjects understand the study by providing a simple way to electronically sign and participate in a clinical trial from almost anywhere in the world, using almost any mobile device.

The study team can create and post an explanatory or educational clip to help patients or subjects understand the clinical study flow, which is critical before deciding to participate in a clinical trial.

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