Patient Engagement & Behavior Monitoring

ProCTH focuses on engaging the patients in clinical trial making them well treated, their needs have been listened and considered.

Patient Engagement
Behavior Monitoring
AI & Machine Learning is the future of patient’s engagement & behavioural monitoring during the clinical trial.

Recruiting patients is not by any way the end of the efforts. On average, it may cost $6,533 to recruit one patient in a clinical trial, and the cost of replacing that dropped out patient can be even more. The lost amount figures demonstrate the importance of patient engagement throughout the clinical trial duration.

ProCTH focuses on engaging the patient to make them feel they have been treated well, their needs have been listened to and considered. It uses AI and machine learning futuristic technologies to closely monitor the recruited patient’s behavior throughout the study duration allowing the study team to customize different monitoring approaches for each patient.

ProCTH allows patients to share recruiting clinical trials to popular social media platforms as a recommendation and reference, resulting in advertisement and more recruitment.

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